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Here is the 3D printing technology ppt (PowerPoint) or presentation that I have made for you; it’s free to download, and you can also use it in projects or anywhere you like.

If you have an interest in 3d printing technology, then check out my articles on 3d printers with their reviews so that you know what kind of experience you are going to have with 3d printers.

3d printing technology ppt

Free download this 3d printing technology PPT

Use the following link to download this presentation for free, or check it out on Slideshare.

3d Printing Presentation PDF

Here is the same presentation in pdf format. You can read it below and also download it for free using the button.

This presentation has nine slides covering the points below:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Introduction: What is 3d printing?
  3. How does 3d printing technology work?
  4. Impact of 3d printing technology.
  5. Types of 3d printing technologies.
  6. Advantages of 3d printing.
  7. Innovations in 3d printing
  8. Future trends in 3d printing.
  9. Conclusion

This is a basic presentation that you can use in your shcool, college projects or any other institution. Please keep in mind that 3d printing is a very rapidly evolving technology ans it is improving day by day. So, it will be a good idea to check for the latest udates or improvements that may have happened recently and also include them into your presentation.

Some of the recent advancements are:

  1. MIT has developed “Rapid Liquid Printing” which is a breakthrough in 3d printing technology.
  2. Non planar 3d printing:
  3. Tool Changing
  4. Multi-colour prints

Demerits of 3d printing: I have not included any demerits in the presentation because I wanted to leave it to you. If you want to include some demerits below are some:

  1. It is very slow as compared to traditional manufactring methods like injection molding, milling etc.
  2. Size of final product is very limited.
  3. The quality of material is quite low as compared to that of industrial materials.

If you want to add some other information in this presentation or have any other suggestion on improving this article, Please let me knowin the comments section below. Your feedback is valuable for me. Also if you have any suggestion for me please let me know.

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