What Are The Parts Of A 3D Printer? (3D Printer Parts List)

Here is a 3d printer parts list that you must check out. There is always room for improvement in a 3D printer. These parts can be helpful in making your printing experience better, can make your work less painful and keep your machine safe.

Mostly all the parts of a printer are made up of aluminium except some nuts, bolts, and screws. The best part is that even if you have damaged parts, you can always replace them.

3D Printer Parts List

In this list below, I have covered all the parts needed for a 3d printer to work. Finally, I have also included a list of tools and accessories that are much needed while printing.

Heated Bed

A heated bed is the most essential part of a 3d printer because it is the base on which design is converted into reality. Due to the bed’s heating, the print sticks well on it, and there are fewer chances of warping defects.

Usually, heating is not needed in summer in India, but it may be required in different parts of the country where the temperature is low. Heating can also be turned off if it is not needed.

Build Plate

The magnetic build plate is the best for 3d printing that I have used. It is easy to use; you can easily remove printed objects from it and stick them beautifully to the machine bed.

Screen Module

The screen module is also a vital part of a 3d printer, as the machine cannot be operated without it. There are various modules available with LCDs.

Stepper Motors

Stepper motor’s motion can be controlled by giving signals; due to this quality, these motors are used in various robotics and automation products. In a 3d printer, the stepper motor moves the extruder, carriages, and bed of the 3d printer. It can be specific according to the brand and model of the machine.


3d printer nozzle

The nozzle is the part that throws out the filament to make 3D prints on the machine bed. The nozzle is made up of two metals: brass and aluminium.

Aluminium Extrusion Shafts

The frame or structure of 3d printers comprises aluminium extrusion rods. 20×20 and 20×40 are used in small 3d printers like ender, prusa etc. The cross-sectional thickness of this shaft is approximately 1.5mm. It comes in two colours – black & silver.

Apart from 3d printers, it can also be used in various other robotics projects.


Enclosure is not an essential part of a 3d printer, but it is good to have it as it will protect your machine from dust and dirt. It will also keep the temperature uniform and improve the quality of prints. You can also make your own 3d printed enclosure, which will take some time.

Heat Block

The heat block is the base where the nozzle, thermistor, heated sensor and bowden tube are connected. Heat block can be made up of various metals – aluminium, brass or steel.

Bowden Extruder

The extruder is the mechanism that pushes the filament through the Bowden tube to the heat block, where it melts. It is an essential part of a 3d printer; it has to be well-calibrated. A good product will not be printed if it pushes the filament too fast or too slow. An extruder is an assembly containing smaller parts like idle wheels, gears, etc and a frame.

A lot of brands make these like creality, prusa, twotrees etc. Extruders with 3D printers are powerful and good quality; hence, they have long lives. They can work for years without any considerable wear and tear.

Direct Drive Extruder

A direct drive extruder is directly above the hotend. It is better for handling flexible or abrasive filaments as it pushes the filament directly into the hotend.

Cooling Fans

These fans are used to cool down some parts and the filament that is 3d printed. It helps in the fast cooling of filaments and increases the printing quality of the final product.

Corner brackets

These brackets join the frame at right angles (90 degrees). They make the structure more stable and rigid. Brackets come in a lot of shapes. Corner brackets can be 3D printer-specific, so you must always check exactly what type of bracket is required.

V-Nuts & Bolts

V-nuts and bolts are used in v-slot shafts to hold other parts like extruders, spool holders, displays, etc.

Lead Screws

Lead screws are used to move the z-axis of the machine, whether it be the bed or heat block. These are made of stainless steel and are not easily damaged.

Sometimes, they can bend due to physical damage; in that case, they must be replaced so the printer can work properly. Once it gets turned then, it is almost impossible to get it back in the right shape.

Stepper Coupling

This coupling is used to connect the stepper motor and the lead screw. It is made of aluminium, so it is not an expensive part. It’s easy to replace. Just loosen its screws with a hex key, then take out the lead screw and motor.


These belts are used for moving the carriages. Generally, these carriages are in the x and y axes in all FDM printers.


T-wheels are part of the carriage assembly. It allows the movement of the carriage on the v-slot shaft. A carriage can contain 3 to 4 t-wheels.

Carriage Assembly

Carriages carries movement along the x, y, and z axes per the requirement. It gives motion to the nozzle and machine bed.

Filament Spool Holder

The spool holder is not a functional part of a 3d printer, but it is required to hold the spool while giving it. There are many designs of spool holders to choose from, but the one that comes with the 3d printer is like a stand attached to the machine’s frame.

PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) Bowden Tube

Bowden tube carries the filament from the extruder to the heat block, where it gets melted. It is only used in FDM printers.

Pneumatic Coupler M6

It comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Always check its size and compatibility with your machine before buying it.

Endstop Module

The Endstop module consists of a small circuit with an end-stop switch. It is used as a limit switch for each axis of the 3d printer. It’s easily replaceable in case of damage.


Sometimes, M8 and M6 screws must hold different components with machine frames like motherboards, etc.


A scraper is a tool used to remove the stuck 3d prints from the bed. This tool is more useful if you do not have a build plate, as prints get stuck on the machine bed.

Nozzle Cleaning Needles

Cleaning needles come in a set of hands of different sizes. These needles are handy for cleaning the clogged nozzles. These needles are wonderful and quickly get inside the nozzle. Just like nozzles come in different sizes, these needles also come in different sizes according to nozzles.

So this is the complete 3d printer parts list. I hope you will like this information, if you want more information regarding any particular part please let me know in the comments. I will definitely include more information regarding that. You can also ask any question regarding 3d printing, I will answer that as well.

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