About Me

Hi this is Shishir Verma, a mechanical engg and a 3d printing enthusiast. I started my 3d printing journey back in 2017 when I saw a 3d printer on amazon and bought it.

My first 3D Printing Machine

My first 3d printer was tevo taruntula which is a bit messy machine but it was only printer available on amazon at that time and I bought it.

3d printer tevo taruntula

In this picture above you can see my printer is fully assembled. This is the first picture that I took just after assembling. I must say for the same price now you can buy so much better 3d printers. Just do not dare to buy this 3d printer.

3d printer with spool holder

As you can see the wires are really messy. I have to zip tie them, the power supply was completely open, z-axis motor was upside down so due to its weight z-axis lead srew got bend which resulted it dimensional errors all the time. At times it felt so hard to work on this machine but I kept going.

I managed to make a filament spool holder from pvc pipe and it worked just fine. I also printer a fan mount to avoid dripping (a kind of error) in my prints. Here are some things that I printed with Tevo taruntula.

3d printing png

I used taruntula for 2 years and I did lot of experiments with it.

My Second 3D Printing Machine

After 2 years I bought a Creality Ender 5 Pro which I am using till date and really it’s an amazing machine. Ender 5 Pro is a bit expensive, I bought for Rs.40000.


Till now it has been more than 3.5 years since I am using this beautiful and awesome printer. I really love it. I will write a complete review of this printer including it’s pros and cons. Now I am not saying that this is the only good printer and you have to invest such big mount to start 3d printing. There are lot of good printers available with much lower price point.