Here is the list of top 10 filaments used in 3d printing

#1. PLA  (Poly Lactic Acid)

1. It is made from starch. 2.I t is biodegradable 3. It is odorless.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

1. It is tough and has good strength. 2 .It is not water soluble. 3. It do not waer and tear easily.

#3. Carbon Fiber Filament

1. It can be used to make toys, phone cases etc. 2. It has good dimensional accuracy. 3. It is light weight & has good impact resistance.

#4. Nylon Filament

1. It have high print temperatures of up to 265°C. 2. It gets dissolved in acetic acid and formic acid. 3. It expands in water.

#5. TPU Filament

1. TPU is flexible. It is also called flexible filament. 2. It is very durable. 3. It do not warp easily..

#6. HIPS Filament

1. It has good durability. 2. It is very durable. 3. It can warp easily.

#7. PVA Filament

1. It is biodegradable. 2. It is water soluble. 3. It is used in sacrificial supports.

#8. PETG Filament

1. It had good mechanical properties. 2. It is not very likely to warp.

#9. TPE Filament

1. It is a flexible filament. 2. It is warp resistant. 3. It is softer that TPU.

#10. PC (Polycarbonate) Filament

1. It is one of the most durable filaments available. 2. It has high strength. 3. It has a very high printing temperature.

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