How to make 3d  printed bubble fountain.

How to make 3d  printed bubble fountain.

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What is a bubble fountain?

A bubble fountain is a fountain that creates a bubble of flowing water around it.

How it works?

Water source pipe is inserted from the bottom part. The water flows from the bottom and strikes the conical end of the top part and gets spread. then it comes out from the circular gap that is in between the two parts and flows in the shape of a bubble.

Where you can place it?

It can be placed in a garder, pond etc.

What is needed to run it?

A water pump has to be used to give it a continuous water supply.

Parts of a Bubble Fountain

There are two main parts, top and bottom part. The top part has a conical point at its lower end. It is printed in upside down position.

Bubble Fountain

Top Part

Bottom Part

Pipe Connector

A pipe connector is an additional part that is used to connect water supply pipe to the bubble fountain.

Design of Pipe Connector

Pipe connector is designed on onshape.

This is how final assembly looks like